Thatcher Chen (also cc0de)

I am an undergraduate at Chongqing University, majoring in IoT Engineering.


  • GNU/Linux enthusiast
  • Leader of Linux User Group at Chongqing University
  • Leader of MSC Tech. & Algo. Department at Chongqing University (2022)
  • Chairman & Creator of Database and Data Mining Association at Chongqing University
  • Member of Start Lab at Chongqing University
  • To be an excellent researcher & engineer

Research interest

  • Urban Computing / Spatial-temporal Fine-grained Index
  • (Cloud) Database System
  • Big Data and Data Mining
  • AI4DB


  • OneDatabase: An open-source database written in c, which is tiny enough to run everywhere.
  • OneGesture: A tool written in python with MediaPipe, which recognizes gesture intelligently and do correspoding operation.
  • Start-DB: An open-source spatio-temporal data management and mining system
  • CUPID-DB: A spatial-temporal data management system, which support a set of executing engines.
  • UniBase: A RDBMS written in C/C++, which is used as a teaching example.
  • And all projects on my Github repository



Github: Link To Profile


李政, Chongqing University

孙杨洋, Chongqing University

何翔, Chongqing University

朱明辉, Chongqing University

李佳俊, Chongqing University


李瑞远, Chongqing University